Who We Are
Elevate is a community of 18 to 30 year olds at The Rock Church. Elevate is a place where young adults can come to a relaxed atmosphere to discover new friendships and fellowship with others. This ministry exists to reach out to young adults longing for a connection and to help current believers grow in their faith. Our desire is to see this generation rise up and set the standard for what it means to follow Jesus, to be a light of hope in a hopeless culture. We are Elevate!

Wednesday Nights
Meet at 6:30pm

Parties and Activities
We will be getting together for a house party for anyone who wants to come. We will always have some fun activity for the group to participate in. These parties help to establish relationships within the group. In addition to this, the group will also have other social events like bowling, ice skating, hiking etc. Also, following the meetings on both Sunday and Wednesday, we encourage people from the group to go somewhere to get something to eat or just hang out together. Rock Young Adult group will offer several social activities that will give anyone a chance to get to know the people around them.

Bring a Friend
We want this to be a very inclusive group. Everyone is welcome. Some people may be intimidated by a church building but anybody can go bowling. Invite your friends to come have fun and get to know each other.

Service Projects
One of the greatest ways to build a relationship is by serving together. Whether it be at the church or in the community, there is always a need for help. As a group we will be involved in various community outreach events and help with events at the church.